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Good Night

Description: A performance piece for the opening night of each event. I was hidden behind a sheet of stretch velvet with only my legs sticking out the front. Above me I installed two containers, one with milk, one with honey. The spouts of the containers stuck out the front of the velvet aligned high above my legs. Underneath my legs, in the front, I had placed a stockpot over a propane burner with a table with cups and a ladle next to it. For the performance I turned on the honey spout (control of the faucets was behind the fabric with me) and had honey flow onto one of my feet and then into the stockpot. Once that foot was sufficiently covered I turned on the milk spout and washed the honey off with the other foot, all into the stockpot underneath me. As I was repeating this action, I filled the pot with hot milk and honey. People could help themselves to this beverage throughout the night.

“Good Night”
(slide format: legs with milk pot)
At The Erotica Show
CMA Gallery, University of Washington
Medium: Fabric, wood, honey, milk, stock pot, portable burner, cups, ladle

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