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Mama's Natural Breakfast

Description: Toi Sennhauser’s breakfast table offers homemade bread, whose yeast starter includes a touch of her own vaginal yeast. Served with butter and honey, this piece is the kind of social experiment she’s been working with in recent years, in which a socially unacceptable element is part of an everyday transaction. The person approaching the work has to make certain decisions: whether or not to accept that “socially unacceptable element,” what it means to ingest it, is it really improper?
For this piece she’s replaced the bread’s vital force with the power of femininity. Women and bread are one: life-giving, nourishing, and universal. It’s an old pun, but one that’s rarely been used in such a physical way.

“Mama’s Natural Breakfast”
At Seattle Erotic Art Festival
Medium: wood, fabric, flour, water, salt, baker’s yeast, vaginal yeast, current STD test (neg)

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