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Artist Bio

Toi Sennhauser was born in 1977 in Bangkok, Thailand. After having been raised in Thailand and Austria she moved to Seattle in 1996 to attend the University of Washington. When not making food-influenced art she expands her culinary and life expertise caring for her lovely baby daughter. She continues to live in Seattle.

Artist Résumé

Born 1977 in Bangkok, Thailand


Artist Trust EDGE program - professional development training program for visual artists


BFA Sculpture, Cum Laude - University of Washington, Seattle

Selected Exhibitions

The Modern Bird – Group Show, Design Commission, Seattle


Private Solo Exhibition and Interactive Event for Select Henry Art Museum Patrons – Edie Adams Residence, Seattle

Dinner Theater – Interactive Art-Dinner-Theater, On The Boards, Seattle

Softly Threatening: Artwork of the Modern Domestic - Group Show, Bumbershoot, Seattle

Artist Trust: Art by Artists Recognized by the Prestigious Regional Awards Program - Chase Gallery, Spokane

Menu: Edible Elements of Art - Group Show, Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland

Seattle Erotic Art Festival - Consolidated Works, Seattle


Oktoberfest - Solo one-night-only interactive installation, Crawl Space, Seattle

SOIL 1995-2005: A Retrospective - Group Show, SOIL Gallery, Seattle

Thread Shop - Labor, Seattle

Seattle Erotic Art Festival - Consolidated Works, Seattle

One Dozen Oysters - Backspace, Soil Gallery


Soil Auction - Annual Auction, Jem Studios

Thread Shop - Everyday Art for Sale, Threadshop, Seattle


Fashion is Art - Storefront Exhibition, Vain Hair Salon & Gallery, Seattle

SOIL Collections and Creations - Group Show, Lopez Room, Bumbershoot, Seattle

Fashion is Art - Group Show, Olympic Room, Bumbershoot, Seattle

Of Sustenance, Secrets, and Two Girls - Group Show, SOIL Gallery, Seattle


SOIL Auction - Annual Auction, Noodleworks Studios, Seattle

Collaborators - Group Show, SOIL Gallery, Seattle

One Night Only #7 - Private Art Studio, Pioneer Square, Seattle

Switch - New Member Show, SOIL Gallery, Seattle

SOIL Does Houston - Group Show, Houston Gallery, Seattle


SOIL Auction - Annual Auction, Noodle Works Studios, Seattle

Erotica - Group Show, CMA, University of Washington, Seattle


Artdrill - Group Show, Consolidated Works, Seattle

BFA - Group Show, Oculus Gallery, Seattle

BFA 2000 - Degree Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, UW, Seattle

Odegaard Undergraduate Library Student Sculpture Exhibition - Group Show, UW - piece purchased for permanent collection


Private Collection, Edie Adams Residence, Seattle


University of Washington, Odegaard library, Seattle

Awards and Honors

Artist Trust GAP grant recipient, Washington State


Lockitch Scholarship, UW, Seattle

Related Experience

Soil - Artist Cooperative, active member


Artdrill - Artist Cooperative, founding collaborator

Seattle Children's Museum - Artist in Residence Intern

Awards & Recognition

2003 Artist Trust GAP Grant Recipient, Washington State
2000 Annual Dean’s List, UW
1999 Annual Dean’s List, UW
  Lockitch Scholarship, UW


2005 Fahey, Anna SOIL: Seattle’s Artist-Run Gallery, 1995-2005, catalogue
2003 Meade, Fionn Fashion is Art, catalogue, p. 8

Artist Statement

The fastest way to man’s heart is through his stomach

We are what we eat

Food is life itself. For example, yeast, rice, milk, honey and grains, because they have been used for millennia, carry a great amount of symbolic weight. It was the cultivation of grains that led to permanent settlement and the development of civilizations around the world. Basic sustenance, second only to air as a human need, makes a primal, familiar and very powerful medium to work with. Food, and our complex relationship with it, helps explain human happiness and sorrow, love, hate, heaven and hell.

Experimentation with historic staple foods, often in combination with my own (female) body, builds a new dimension – understanding through taste. To experience an art piece through taste is a two-pronged experience. The viewer has to make a simple decision – to eat it or not. Because it is such a primal question the circumstances around the food in question become loud and clear. Is it socially acceptable to eat toast bread made with vaginal yeast? Is it natural? How about a cup of hot milk and honey made with the artist’s feet? Is it kinky? Are feet really dirty? Why does it make such a difference when it comes to the human body? From a young age we are trained to disconnect our minds from our bodies. For what reason?

It is these and other phenomena about human society that I try to expose and learn about by feeding the viewer. By sharing my food with somebody I share my heart and thoughts and invite the viewer to have a conversation on a genuinely intimate level. Essence meets essence. The participants begin to understand me and I them. Once again, food is the medium.


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