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Fashion is Delicious

Description: Art patrons had a choice of either boy’s or girl’s underwear to choose from. These intimate delicacies were deep-fried to order at each of the Fashion is Art events out of a street vendor’s cart. They were served with homemade chocolate-ginger-chai sauce, berry coulis, or honey and tangy yoghurt whipped cream.

The objective was to lure people into literally ingesting (and digesting) a piece of art. I wanted the audience to be faced with eating, and enjoying, the taste of an article of clothing that is usually considered too intimate for public conversation. Common ingredients can take on new meaning when their form is changed, and individuals can be forced to change their thinking about food and sexuality in a public setting. This takes them out of what is known and into new personal territory.

This “performance piece” was installed on each of THREAD’s opening nights and remained on-site as an artifact-in-residence.

“Fashion is Delicious”
At Fashion is Art
Bumbershoot Festival 2003, Seattle
Medium: Wood, metal, wok, peanut oil, flour, salt, sugar, spices, berries, lemon juice

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